Confusion On Pratt Street – Matt Albumen Version

Several weeks ago I attended a matt albumen workshop. The group, which numbered about a dozen, worked with our own negatives. I brought a handful of 8×10″ pinhole negatives, and after coating the paper and placing both into the contact printing frame, walked outside and held it up to the sun for about one minute. Of the several prints I made, Confusion On Pratt Street was one of the better prints. I believe that two others I would have otherwise liked were failures due to the fact that I was competing with dozens of other prints in the washing process, so the highlights never properly cleared. Then again, the purpose of a workshop is not to make a fine print, but to learn the process, so I am glad that this and one other print turned out just fine.

I offered Confusion On Pratt Street about three years ago as a Van Dyke print, and offer it once again under the matt albumen process. I have not yet toned the print (there are numerous options for this and I have not yet decided which will work better), but at this point it shows less contrast than the previous iteration, which is fine for this particular image.

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