Backyard Plants

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Chris Peregoy’s excellent Pinhole Blender has been a device I have employed on numerous occasions to create interesting images. The even inventive one has started marketing what he refers to as a tube camera, which is simply a tube with a pinhole. But one should not be misled with its simplicity, as one can pack a lot within the film employed. The severity in which the film is curved within the tube can offer distortions that distinguish it from a standard flat film plane pinhole image. Of course, a big advantage of the curvature is that each point of the plane has a fairly consistent distance from the pinhole, allowing for even exposure values.

I have only started using this contraption, the 8×10″ version, and displayed is my first successful attempt. It took a few tries because I believe that the exposure time Chris offers is short for my tastes, as this required about three minutes of 100 speed film. I look forward to playing around with this in the future to take advantage of the possibilities.


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2 Responses to Backyard Plants

  1. simon0252 says:

    The distortion caused by curving the film produces such great results in pinhole photography. I’ve only ever used flat plane but would like to produce more distorted images.

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