On a recent trip to New York City I prepared myself for an afternoon of street photography in the best place in the world to do it. My girlfriend and I stopped in a restaurant to get some lunch and as I finished my meal I got my digital camera out (I oftentimes shoot street photography with my small film camera), as I was having fun watching the stories as they unfolded out the window.

Of the ten or so shots I took, this is my favorite. The restaurant had reflective aluminum, which increased the interest of the scene. The result of this reflection was an occurrence where people passing by the window moving left to right, were being seen not only through the window, but also in a reflection on the left that was being reflected on the right. In this image the woman in red and the guy she is with can be seen both in the window and in the reflection on the left. In this image the women in red are looking one way, the guys are looking the other, and the patron on the left is taking it all in. I couldn’t have scripted this. The flag in the middle reflection is a bonus.

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