Chess In Portland

Chess In PortlandI spent last week attending a conference in Portland, Oregon. The differences between that city and Baltimore would take a book to innumerate, so I will not try doing that here, but it was a great deal of fun to note them. Amongst being an exceptionally bike-friendly city, it appears to be one that enjoys chess. As one who occasionally imbibes in the challenge, I watched a number of games. One difficult way of playing is to use over sized pieces, as was the case in this particular image. Despite the fact that white has an easy win in this position, a major blunder was made that turned the tide to an eventual loss. Playing chess in a non-standard format makes things considerably more difficult and easier to miss the obvious, so it is hard to blame the player.

The light on the building behind them did not escape my notice, and I will post an image in the future that shows a little more of that interesting occurrence.


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