Two Thousand Words

It is said that every picture tells a story and is worth a thousand words. If that is the case then this diptych should do twice as much. While on the trolley in Portland, Oregon, I was shooting HDR images of the people accompanying me (heck, if I’m going to shoot large format street photography then I may as well try HDR with similar subjects) and came across this scene.

I like to make stories of my images, which is the case with The Extras – the book can be downloaded for free (or you can buy it!) and includes a story with each image. These stories are make believe, as would be the story I would offer with this diptych. As I sat, pretending to fiddle with my camera, I could hear their conversation, but not well enough to know what they were talking about. So what would your story be?

My guess is that your story, as would mine, would be of an argument that was not resolved. He has apparently said something to which she took offense, so she responded angrily and then resolutely ignored him. He was not exactly pleased with this response. Good story, and an obvious one, but this was definitely not the case. The conversation was amicable and I actually swapped these two images, as the image on the left (or set of images – remember that this is HDR) was actually taken after the one on the right.

So is this diptych intentionally misleading? Does it tell a story in either sequence? Is the story different? These are the things I enjoy playing with when taking pictures of people in public places, and why I enjoy street photography more than street portraiture, as it gives me more of an opportunity to play.


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