Time Traveler

There are a number of ways to shoot street photography. Oftentimes I wander about the streets looking for something interesting, occasionally I follow someone, and at times I stay in one spot, waiting for the picture to present itself. In this particular instance all three were at play. I had been wandering throughout Portland, Oregon taking pictures of interesting things when I stopped to take pictures of chess players (see previous post). I learned long ago that after taking a picture it was often advantageous to turn around to see if there were possibilities behind me, and in this case I saw a man in an open area appearing to be either somewhat lost or looking for something. I followed him visually, waiting in the same spot until I felt that the surrounding elements worked, then took the picture. He reminded me of someone who had been caught in time and placed somewhere randomly, waiting to get his bearings before moving on.

By the way, the police were both heading over to a couple of apparently homeless men who were sleeping. To their credit they asked the men if they were okay, then went about their business. In my short time there (about a week), this city appeared to be accepting of many different ways. One can tell that the Tea Party has not taken root in this area as the trolley throughout the city was without cost, allowing people the opportunity to leave their cars at home and encouraging them to ride their bikes (wide bike lanes, trolleys with large hooks on which to hang bikes, etc.). I believe that this would be a great place to live, though I certainly would feel left out to some extent because I would refuse to get a tattoo.


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