Welcome Back

Welcome BackIt is difficult to imagine an image more iconic than this.  Unfortunately, the significance cannot be seen in this size.

To date I have made twenty 8×10″ Bromoil prints related to this project as a prelude to making 11×14″ prints of each.  As Bromoil obscures file detail, I may need to print this at a 16×20″ size, which is normally much larger than I require, but I think that this may be an exception.

There are two elements that require detail to understand the significance.  The first is that the side of the building is painted with a picture of a building (the Carnegie library, which was the first in the series of libraries established by Andrew Carnegie).  The text reads “Historic Braddock, Welcome Back.”  The other significant detail, which is not immediately noticed, is the number spray painted on the door.  This indicates that the building has been designated for demolition.

All images at the beginning of this project have started life through my Nikon FM2N and Fomapan 400 film.

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