Cheat Lake Chords

Cheat Lake ChordsIt amazes me that maintenance of the roads and bridges that have been handed to us is even a point of discussion. We have crumbling infrastructure that is essential to the country, and we have a large number of people without jobs who are willing to work, so why is this even a question?

Fortunately, one of the bridges that is being worked on at this moment is the Cheat Lake Bridge. I have traveled over this bridge for the past twenty years and have always had concerns as to how long it would last. When Route 68 was established, a new bridge was built over Cheat Lake, and it was my understanding that the old Cheat Lake Bridge would eventually be taken down. Fortunately, it appears that the bridge will be repaired, so it is currently shot down.

Several months ago I was able to get to the bridge to take some pictures. It was closed to traffic, but pedestrians were still able to cross it. Under a number of watchful eyes I carried my large format camera onto the bridge and shot a series of images.


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