Bowl and Candlesticks

Bowl and CandlesticksI attended a Photowalk on Saturday at St. Mary’s City. In the 17th century this was the capital of the colony in Maryland, and unusual in the respect that it was a place that allowed Catholics to worship. This came to an end at the beginning of the 18th century when Catholic churches and schools were closed in accordance with “An Act to Prevent the Growth of Popery within this Province.” Although nothing of the original inhabitants remains above ground, archaeologists have begun to excavate remains of the settlement. Existing today are recreations of what existed.

This particular scene was exceptionally dark and very difficult to see through the viewfinder. What struck me, however, was the fact that the light coming into the room and creating the shadows on the left gave the appearance of a cross, and the reflection of this light offering another cross on the right, which worked with the religious theme of the city.

The softness and vignetting of this image are due to the fact that I was using a Holga lens on my Nikon D70 – somewhat like putting a Volkswagen engine into a Porsche. In accordance with the subject matter, I feel that this worked rather well. I shot this as HDR in an attempt to grab as much information as possible, with the longest exposure being 30 seconds.


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