More 1113 W 36th Stairs

More 1113 W 36th StairsThis is an alternative version of a straight print that I offered at 1113 W 36th Stairs. Workshop participants will be making this print on the long discontinued Agfa MCC118 paper.

The key here is that this paper is fogged – fogged to the point where anyone else would throw it in the trash. I’ll offer being the son of Depression Era parents as an excuse, but I do not like to waste anything. As other photographers have moved completely to digital, they no longer have a need for their film and photographic paper, and I have been the fortunate recipient of these things on occasion. Sometimes the paper is fogged in such a way that it cannot be used at all, in which case I make what I refer to as expired paper photograms. If there is only a little fogging present then the addition of Benzotriozole to the developer can take care of that.

When I was given two large boxes of Agfa MCC118, one box was slightly fogged, the other was fogged quite a bit. I used the former and set the latter aside. I then thought that because the Bromoil process involves bleaching the paper and applying ink to the hardened emulsion, the paper could still be used. As the typical print made with this process does not require a full range of tones, the highlights, which will be fogged, should not be the issue required when making a straight print. This particular print is an example, and I believe that the students will be amazed when they see what the straight print looks like before bleaching.


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