Bourbon Street Trio

Bourbon Street TrioI have been looking for prints that might be good for the students of my workshop to make and printed Bourbon Street Trio, deciding against it (I offered a similar image, Bourbon Street Clarinetist, a while back). This print offers a number of difficulties that need special attention, so if someday I offer an advanced Bromoil workshop then it will probably be included.

This print was made on Ilford MG IV paper, which takes a good bit more work to properly bleach, but inks quite well. This paper has an advantage in that I think that is has a better chance of being made well into the future, unlike other Bromoil-capable papers. Certainly, I could be completely wrong, but at least it is a reasonable choice. At this point there are still a good number of papers suitable for the process, but that number diminishes as time goes on, which is one reason I finally purchased a small freezer to hold my stock of film and paper.

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