In Passing

In PassingThe workshop I taught this past weekend was great fun. I had an opportunity to see five students making all of the mistakes I made when trying to make my first Bromoil print. By the end of the workshop as they were working on their fourth print, they each had begun to get the feeling for what they needed to be doing, and if they continue then I hope to see what they are able to create. The time it took to prepare for the workshop took me away from posting here, so now it is time to get back into the swing of things (although at a slightly slower pace, as I am convinced that November and December are actually a single month).

This is one of the large format street images I shot while in Pittsburgh earlier this year. My initial attraction was the arches, and I knew that I wanted to use it as a backdrop. Two women stopped to talk to one another and I hurried to set up the camera. True to form, as soon as I had done that a car parked in the empty space directly in front of me. I quickly repositioned the camera, set the levels, and was able to pull the dark slide just as the young woman walked into the frame.

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