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Extreme Reading

As my last post of the year I will offer an image shot on the streets of Baltimore. There are times we focus on things to the exclusion of all others, a trait that can be quite advantageous. This woman … Continue reading

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Goodbye To Portland

I have gone through my Portland pictures one more time and presented several here that I liked. Looking at the trove of other negatives seeking recognition (New York City, Braddock, Las Vegas) it is time to divert my attention elsewhere. … Continue reading

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Ignoring The Light

While in Portland I wandered the streets looking at people. However, there are some things that will really get my attention, like light. Obviously, light is the most important element in photography, so it is always in mind when considering … Continue reading

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Portland Reflection

One of the great things about cities is the reflections. Windows allow the joining of new and old buildings, sometimes in an obvious way and other times more abstract. Of the ones I took in Portland, OR this is perhaps … Continue reading

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