Extreme Reading

Extreme ReadingAs my last post of the year I will offer an image shot on the streets of Baltimore. There are times we focus on things to the exclusion of all others, a trait that can be quite advantageous.

This woman was seriously focused on the literature at hand. I initially thought that I may have caught her in an odd facial expression, but looking at other pictures I took of her showed the same intensity. For the record, it is a good thing to completely immerse oneself into other worlds and attack them with fervent abandon.

I am looking forward to spending a great amount of time in the darkroom next week. I have built up a number of negatives that await production onto paper and looking at the contact sheets, am very ready to realize them. I also need to get deeply involved with the production of prints for a show in June that will involve my Braddock Project.

Enjoy the holidays and the new year.

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