On The Way Home

On The Way Home

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With the start of the new year I need to get working on my show in June. I have selected a number of prints to be in the show, and need to make others to evaluate. I normally make small prints of each one that is being considered and live with it for a while. If it passes the muster then I make a larger print that is intended to be shown. The next several images that I show are small prints that will be redone in the larger size, probably with a few changes made to each.

There is not a lot of activity in Braddock. As I wander the streets I do see people, but it is not the hustle and bustle to which I am accustomed. This is a mixed blessing. Too much activity can lead to the craziness I see each day, but this is a downtown area that could certainly benefit from a little such craziness. I saw this man twice as I walked the streets and wondered where he was going. Had he left work? Did he have a job? It got me thinking that the next time I go to Braddock, which will probably be in June, I should take an inventory of the businesses that exist in the city. As I continue my documentation it will be interesting to see what survives and what comes to an end over the next decade.

This is part of The Braddock Project, to which I have linked for reference. This project is being created using the Bromoil process.


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