Running Past Time

Passing In Time

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I started shooting street photography about 20 years ago.  At the time disposable cameras were available and popular.  I only bought one.  That is because after using it I opened it up, took out the film canister, and replaced it with a roll of black and white film, and continued doing so on and on.  I had realized that the quality of these plastic cameras was not too bad, and that I could not only reuse this camera, but use it in places where if I lost the camera it would not be tragic.  For instance, I was able to use this within a canoe, where giving it a dunk in the water would be no big deal.

I started carrying this camera everywhere, and began shooting in Annapolis during lunchtime.  I believe that this particular print originated from either XP1 or XP2 film.  This is because I have no idea where the negative is for this print, as I rarely kept negatives before I had my own darkroom.  So this is a scan of a 3.5×5″ print that has some unfortunate problems, as it was never stored properly.  The magic of Photoshop allows for some restoration, but I really wish that I had the negative so that I could make a proper print.

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