Inside Bell’s Market

Click for larger imageAppearances color our information and opinions.  A year ago I took a picture of Bell’s Market in my tour of Braddock and it was only one of two places in the city where I saw that food could be purchased.  At the time I had a chance to enter the Fourth Street Market and speak with the proprietor, but this time I was able to do this at Bell’s Market.

What I had expected to be a small store with little to offer, I was surprised to see not only a place that was packed with food, but several people working.  The woman on the left in this image is from McKeesport, which is about seven miles away.  I asked her why she was there, instead of shopping where she lived.  She told me that Bell’s Market had a better variety and the meat was fresh.

Speaking with one of the workers, I was told that he had worked there well over twenty years, so this is no new operation.  Indeed, on the right of the image one can see that the plethora of paper on the wall – one might expect to see a 1959 calendar underneath it all.

Being from a large city, I am accustomed to seeing large buildings with decorative accompaniments designed to compete with the nearby large building.  However, this unassuming place uses reputation instead, which is certainly more powerful and impressive.


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2 Responses to Inside Bell’s Market

  1. simon0252 says:

    Fascinating image. So much detail.

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