Movies In Las Vegas

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I worked on Washington, D.C. for a number of years and each Thursday I looked forward to getting my copy of the City Paper, the best of its ilk in any city I have visited.  Upon opening the paper I was confronted with a photograph taken within the city that challenged me.  This was before I became seriously interested in photography, but I came to realize that this was street photography.  One of the things that interested me was the fact that there was no explanation and no context, so it was up to me to make sense of the image, or not, as the case might be.  I have since enjoyed these surreal displays that may or may not have meaning to someone else, and give me a chance to interpret for myself.

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When in Las Vegas I did a good bit of walking.  The casinos did not interest me (I am not an experienced card counter, and am too good at math to know not to play the games), but the area outside of the tourist spots did.  Wandering several blocks from the strip toward Circus Circus I came across this scene trying to understand what I was seeing.  I entered through the gate in the background of the image and walked around and around this setup, finally photographing what I saw.  There is no need to further explain, though I did decide to include an image taken from a different perspective, which still offers no real understanding of the scene.  Best to just keep it surreal.


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