Flower Windows

Flower Windows

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In July I returned to Braddock, PA for the third time to document what I saw.  The first two trips resulted in “Part 1” of my project, which I decided to use as a baseline, something a decade from now I will be able to return to as my starting point. I made those prints by utilizing the Bromoil process, as that seemed to fit the subject matter.  I have had one show of these prints and will be about half of my next show in Reston, VA early next year.

The question when becomes how I should print this next part of the project.  I am not going to divide things into years moving forward, but will work on feeling.  This means that, hopefully, at some point I will feel that the corner has been turned and will move to a more conventional printing method.

Until that happens, I am looking for a style that will not only fit the subject matter, but will product a unique print.  I have little interest, at this point, in creating numerous look-alike prints, but would like to keep things with the element of chance so that each print will be unique.

This image is of a couple of boarded houses where someone has painted flowers on those boards.  This was done to a number of houses in that area and I would certainly like to know the story behind this.  The print was made by brushing Dektol developer on the paper, so if I choose to go this route then no two prints will be the same.


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