Braddock Farms

Braddock Farms

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I have been going through the negatives from my last trip to Braddock and considering the possibilities as to how the prints should be presented.  One of the alternatives I have been exploring has been to create cyanotype prints.  I have been working on this in conjunction with a pamphlet I am preparing on digital negatives.

The idea for Braddock Farms came about in 2007 when Braddock’s Mayor John Fetterman approached former Grow Pittsburgh Executive Director Miriam Manion about developing an urban farm in Braddock. Plans were put into motion and by the summer of 2007, Grow Pittsburgh broke ground on the Braddock Farms site.  You can learn more about this on the GrowPittsburgh website.


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4 Responses to Braddock Farms

  1. simon0252 says:

    A marvellous print. I will be making my first attempts at cyanotype during the winter months.

  2. Wonderful print! I’ll be interested to see your pamphlet – I found digital negatives to be a difficult slog.

  3. rdungan says:

    Cool image. I like thecyanotype.

  4. I am always draw to these canotypes. Great process.

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