Ce n’est pas un mur de briques – Alternative View

Ce n’est pas un mur de briques - Alternative View

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My previous post offered a scan of a print where the subject was quite ambiguous.  This allowed the viewer to create a story around the image, each viewer got to come away with their own interpretation.

I have been doing this most of my life. When in high school I wrote a lot of poetry, and intentionally left the door open for the reader to take what they wished.  This was in the late 1960s during the height of the Vietnam War.  At the time it was speculated that the college deferment to the draft would be taken away, which would certainly affect all of us guys.

I wrote a very short poem:

Why should we fight
and strive to be free,
when we can live in peace
and slavery?

I had a specific thought in mind and was amused when a good friend of mine, who happened at the time to be on the opposite end of the political spectrum, complimented me.  He felt that the poem spoke to him, not knowing that my intention was contradictory.  My thought was that this allowed it to be successful.

Ce n’est pas un mur de briques (This is not a brick wall) offers similar ambiguity, and for those who had the opportunity to view the image and wonder what they were seeing, I offer a view of the scene looking at a different window for one’s appreciation/annoyance.


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1 Response to Ce n’est pas un mur de briques – Alternative View

  1. David Ebert (aka DavyDean) says:

    Interesting idea to leave the photo ambiguous. I am the exact opposite! But always surprised when people interpret/like/dislike my photos in a completely different way!

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