202 Building

202-BuildingI returned to Braddock last month to continue working on my project. I had decided to begin shooting the project digitally because when I was last there in June I had missed a few shots that were important. I had spoken with a man who owned a thrift shop and he allowed me to take two very quick shots, but since we were inside and I had no flash, the results were disappointing. If I had had my D7000 I could have used auto ISO to make sure that I at least captured the image properly, and as he indicated that he would be retired by the time I returned (indeed, the shop was closed in November), the moment was lost forever. I did scan the negative and work on it to the point where I have something that is useful to myself, but is not acceptable for publication anywhere.

However, just before I left for Braddock I received my Sprocket Rocket, a fun little film camera that shoots a panoramic image with a 30mm plastic lens and includes the film sprockets. I loaded a roll of HP5+ and took it with me.

Having had no time to test the camera, I shot one roll after I felt that I had digitally covered what I wished. The day was cloudy and I have a feeling that the shutter speed was faster than the advertised 1/100 of a second (something I need to test), so my results were badly underexposed frames. By printing with a number 5 filter I was able to get barely acceptable prints (this is a slightly cleaned up scan of the print), with the downside that every defect of the film was highlighted. So be it.

Although the results were not what I wanted as far as exposure was concerned, I think that the inclusion of the sprockets in the frames I shot worked quite well with the subject matter, offering a raw feeling in a place that matches that emotion in a number of areas of the city. This particular building was included in Part 1 of my project, where I offered just the number on the building, but this wider view gives it a little more context.

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