George A. Smyth III 1927 – 2013

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Father, architect, poet, historian, role model, and all around awesome guy.

After finishing his degree in architecture, his dream was to work for himself as an architect. That was easier said than done, and it soon became apparent that the dream would be postponed, so he moved his family to West Virginia and began working for Bob Bennett & Associates. He worked his way all the way up to partnership, then left to form a company with several other architects. This success led him to become head architect at West Virginia University during the construction of the Coliseum (I had a chance to watch the workmen laying the floor from the vantage point of the catwalk high above). Finally, he quit to work for himself as an architect, which he did until he retired, only to come out of retirement and teach at Fairmont State University, being nominated for Professor of the Year in 1997.

He was inspirational through example, never having to point at himself. There is no way this son could ever have been more lucky, and there is no way he will ever be forgotten.

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1 Response to George A. Smyth III 1927 – 2013

  1. George Sheils says:

    George, only just checked in on your blog now to see the sad news of your father’s passing. So sorry for you and yours at this time. Be consoled by the fact that he was obviously such a well loved and respected man.


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