Celtic Crosses

Celtic Crosses

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My wife and I are going to go to the Aran Islands this autumn.  We were there in 1995 and loved the place, as it has so many unique features.  I took many pictures at the time, but since we only spent couple of days on the islands I have always wanted to return to do it properly.  In preparation for my visit, as I know that I will create a number of Bromoil prints from that visit, I decided to print some of the 18 year old negatives as Bromoils to get an idea as to what might work well with the process, and what does not.

This is a 4×6″ print of Celtic crosses in a graveyard.  When I look at this print I remember taking the picture and thinking about the people who lived in this remote location long ago.  These were people who truly had nothing, and who lived in an incredibly difficult place.

As far as this small print is concerned, as most of my prints are larger, I learned how difficult it is to create a small Bromoil print.  I will be making larger versions of this and the following prints I will be offering, and know that the increased options available for printing will actually make it easier to get what I am after.

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1 Response to Celtic Crosses

  1. Andrea says:

    Bromoils and the Aran Islands; what more can one wish for?

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