Seamus And Friend

Seamus And Friend

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While on Inis Meain we did quite a bit of hiking, and came across very few people.  One encounter was that of Seamus and friend as they wandered past.  We wondered what work they had been doing, but the intent within the eyes look told me that work was not over and there was no time to stop and talk.

By the way, Seamus was the name of the donkey.   I cannot tell you that that actually was its name, but my wife had gotten into the habit of giving names to the various creatures we saw, and the donkey was given the name of Seamus.


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4 Responses to Seamus And Friend

  1. Tom Kappel says:

    It looks like a hard life for man and animal. The bromoil is perfect in hardness to the scene.

  2. stevethorley says:

    Very lovely bromoil

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