Welcome To Madrid

Welcome To Madrid

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As the warmer weather starts coming back, I will be getting back on the street more often.  I admit that when the weather gets cold, I prefer to find projects within the darkroom that need to be worked on.

When talking about shooting street photography I oftentimes get asked about whether or not there is animosity from the people I shoot.  For some reason there is a perception that I’ll get punched out if I take someone’s picture.  This really is not the case, as usually people either do not notice me taking the picture, and when they do they continue on with their lives.  Of course, a little discretion goes a long way.  For instance, years ago I was shooting on the streets in Brooklyn and decided in a number of situations to allow promising shots to remain in my head.

I offered an image of one person who was annoyed with me in my post What! You crazy?, and have decided to offer another one I shot in the streets of Madrid in 2003.  This one was rather surprising to me.  He was obviously there to be seen, but when I went to take his picture he offered me a gesture that indicated his preference.  After taking the picture I smiled, waved, and moved on.

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3 Responses to Welcome To Madrid

  1. stevethorley says:

    Maybe if you skipped him some coin he would have been more willing

  2. GLSmyth says:

    Steve – Alas, I hadn’t gotten close enough to him before he did this. Alternatively, I have shot street musicians in Dublin and New Orleans where I did kick in some money.

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