Bridge 6

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In addition to their unintentional beauty, the bridges in Baltimore (as well as everywhere else) are required to handle all traffic in all weather at all times.  The strength required to do this boggles the mind.  As I walk under these structures I know that every element I observe is carefully designed for the practical purpose of supporting an enormous amount of weight.  The trade-off is that the cost and time to build require that no more materials be used than absolutely necessary.  It is amazing that these compromises work so well.  The importance of properly maintaining our infrastructure is brought home as I look at this mammoth architecture.

I am fortunate to learn that I will have an opportunity to show these prints in Bethesda, MD during April 2014, along with three other large format photographers.  To date I have printed about a third of the fifty or so negatives in this project and am refining the idea of how it will be presented.  My hope is to have everything done by the end of the year so that I can have time for the always required last minute changes.


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  1. Tom Kappel says:

    Congratulations on the opportunity to show your bridge prints!

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