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Cape May – 855

Cape May is a place to unwind and just let the worries at home wait until a later time. My wife and I have enjoyed a good bit of time there over the years, and for me, one of the … Continue reading

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Manny Machado

With the advent of digital photography and photographers now taking considerably more pictures than they have in the past, a curious discussion involves how many images one should delete. I have heard many digital photographers say that they delete images … Continue reading

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Before the Internet became available to everyone, I was a Sysop in the photography section on Compuserve.  We did not have the opportunity to share images at that time and one of the frustrations was trying to explain the Wood … Continue reading

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Boat And Boat

I thought I would offer one more image created by Brendan Comey and myself.  As noted in my previous entry, I shot a roll of film in Baltimore, Maryland, sent it to him, and he exposed it in Dublin, Ireland.  The … Continue reading

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