Boat And Boat


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I thought I would offer one more image created by Brendan Comey and myself.  As noted in my previous entry, I shot a roll of film in Baltimore, Maryland, sent it to him, and he exposed it in Dublin, Ireland.  The chances are greatly against the frames matching, so there is obvious overlap with the images.  This means that there is a decision to be made as to where the image should horizontally begin and end.

In this particular instance, I goofed and took a vertical image.  As it turns out, this actually worked in an interesting way, the frame starting with a sign to stay off the grass, then on the the boat on its side.  The tip of the boat is about to push itself into the man, after which the boat has been set properly, and a woman is finally seen offering the final touches.

Actually, Brendan shot a vertical image and offered it in his post, Yolanda Fell, so this sort of thing can work.  If you would like to participate in this sort of thing then definitely contact him on Flickr through that link.

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