Manny Machado

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With the advent of digital photography and photographers now taking considerably more pictures than they have in the past, a curious discussion involves how many images one should delete. I have heard many digital photographers say that they delete images before even loading them into a computer to examine them on the screen, which completely baffles me. In this age of inexpensive multi-terabyte hard drives I have yet to understand why anyone would delete any but the most obviously unusable image.

One never knows when an image will be useful. Long ago I had an opportunity to photograph the San Antonio River Walk at night, an opportunity one should definitely take if they ever get the chance. The contrast was too much to be captured so I took pictures at different exposures, then worked on combining those images when I got home. Years later HDR software came available that allowed me to combine those images with considerably more control, and more interesting results.

Last night’s Baseball All Star game was not the most exciting I have seen, but viewers did get a chance to see some stellar defense by Manny Machado (I will also note that a third of the starting American League team were Baltimore Orioles). Last year I had the opportunity to photograph a Bowie Baysox game from the photographer’s area and I took many pictures of the team in the dugout. I returned to those images and found many of Manny Machado, still hoping to be sent to the show. This is one of those and another good reason why one should never throw out an image.

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