Cape May – 855

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Cape May is a place to unwind and just let the worries at home wait until a later time. My wife and I have enjoyed a good bit of time there over the years, and for me, one of the real attractions is how rich the place is photographically speaking, with not only the Victorian houses taking center stage, but also the possibilities of the natural scenes.

For me, the ocean is the primary attraction. I have taken numerous pictures in the past of the beach area, and last year decided to photograph it with a couple of my pinhole cameras. Although I did end up with some images I liked, the exercise was generally disappointing. So this past year I decided to move in a slightly different direction and photograph digitally with a ten stop neutral density filter.

Cutting back this severely allowed me to shoot during the day at EI160 f5.3 for 3 seconds (the scene was a little overcast). This resulted in a handful of prints that I felt were good enough to share. This first one I affectionately refer to as 855.

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