Confrontation – Part 2

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I have a really weird memory.  I can look at a sheet of negatives from 20 years ago and remember each one – what I was thinking, why I photographed the scene and why it was important to me.  That said, I can spend several days coding a program at work and a couple of weeks later not remember much about it.

It was in this context when the other day I was looking through a pile of prints, searching for one that I need to reprint.  My contact sheets are horrid, as they are for identification only.  Oftentimes I will then select a group from the sheet and make straight prints to get a little more detail and help me decide whether or not to begin making a real print.  Sometimes these prints get tossed in the trash, other times they get put into a pile, which is where I found myself when I came across this print.

I remembered nothing about it.  Nothing at all.  This did not make much sense – if I saw two people in an altercation and took a picture, I surely must have remembered it.  Seriously, if you see one person pounding on someone else then it will not be forgotten.  I continued looking and flat nothing came to mind.

Flipping the print over I got the contact sheet page and location information of the negative.  Seeing the other negatives around it I realized what this was and why I did not remember it.  There were a couple of details in the print that I had not noticed, for some reason.  One was that the person who appeared to be winning the fight was not clinching his fists, so this was not a fight.  The other was the sign in the background that referenced “WAREHOUSE.”  Mystery solved – this shot was taken during batting practice before an Orioles game and these guys were going after a ball that had landed on Eutaw Street.  Sigh.

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