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Of the 300+ episodes of Eclectic Mix that I produced, easily one of the most innovative artists whose music I offered was Paul Minotto and his Prime Time Sublime Community Orchestra. True to the title of the album, Songs That Will Never Win a Grammy, this was music that had no intention of becoming popular or bending to anyone’s taste.

As photographers we continually look for that spectacular image that will make everyone’s jaw drop. There is nothing at all wrong with this, but at times I think that, for me, it is best to just photograph things I like, and that is where I am with this image.

While on vacation in Connecticut I noted on a highway marker that I was getting close to Danbury. The name rung a bell, but did not sink in until it was mentioned that this was the birthplace of Charles Ives, so I had to take a detour to visit.

Similarly, approaching Derry, New Hampshire (not to confused with Stephen King’s fictional Derry, Maine) I found myself close enough to Robert Frost Farm that I decided to visit, and eventually spent the afternoon wandering in the fields and surrounding woods. There is nothing spectacular here, nothing to take the breath away or force one to tweet endlessly. The feeling of the place, however, is something one can only experience in that location, thinking of times long gone, and how different life was when he worked the farm a little over a hundred years ago.

But mundane images can spark memories, which engage our feelings, and allow us to return to a time and a place. These things can only be shared in the abstract as an imperfect translation, but perhaps that impression will spark someone else’s memory in a similar way.

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