Steps, Baltimore – Bromoils For The Philippines

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Give something, get something

I have done this in the past.  When disasters struck Haiti and Pakistan I wanted to do something to help, so I went through my 8×10″ Bromoil prints and offered them on eBay, giving the proceeds to the Red Cross.  I normally print Bromoils on 11×14″ paper, but first make one first on 8×10″ paper so that I can see where the problems might lie and how to work through them.  The prints that are successful are saved and this is a print from that stack.

100% of the bid price for this print will go to the Red Cross through eBay’s “eBay Giving Works” system.  I will pay the shipping and any eBay fees that might result from the sale.  So please feel free to bid as much as you possibly can, as your entire bid will go to the Red Cross.  Following this sale, I will take another print and offer it,and continue doing this until I either run out of prints or find a lack of interest.  If you would like to know about future offerings of this type then send an email to and I will let you know when another prints comes available.

The print is available at Steps, Baltimore – Bromoils For The Philippines


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