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Nothing moves quickly in Braddock, but sometimes the most interesting things do happen.  I have been photographing Braddock now for several years, returning about every six months, and somewhere in my archives I am sure that I have this image before the text was added.  I think this because I almost certainly remember walking past this spot and seeing two guys with a hose cleaning the area out.  Perhaps I took the picture, perhaps it only remains within my head.

But this is evidence of The Brew Gentlemen (I am guessing that this is their warehouse), two young men who decided to establish a brewery within Braddock.  Were this an extension of Big Brother Beer (Bud, Miller Lite, and on and on) then it would be of no interest to me, but this will be the real deal – beer that one does not have to drink frigid cold so as to kill the taste.  There will be several standard brews and a regular rotation of seasonal beers.  They are currently in the process of gutting and rebuilding the old Harco Electric Supply store, and will have beer flowing and the end of this winter.  I can’t wait.