The Brew Gentlemen

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When I arrived in Braddock to photograph a few weeks ago I started at the old Harco Electric supply store but did not catch The Brew Gentlemen there.  I then photographed from the streets on the river side of town, then worked my way uphill and photographed there.  As I approached the halfway point to completing that side of Braddock the battery on my camera ran out – good thing I had a spare battery in my pocket – bad thing that I had forgotten to charge the battery.

So I headed back to the car, grabbed my back-up camera and completed the hill side.  I had been photographing for about four hours by the time I walked down the hill and saw a truck in front of the Harco building.  Tapping on the glass, I met Matt and Asa.

I was given the grand tour, which included a portion of the basement, where the magic happens and where I took this picture.  Since I had no lights I needed to shoot at a high ISO, which resulted in quite a bit of noise – considerably more than if I had remembered to charge my backup battery and been able to use my main camera.  Then again, I like the grainy look of an unfinished area that is waiting to be filled in.

This post reminds me that I need to check my home brew of Grand Bohemian Czech Pilsner, which should be at the fermenting point where I can test it to see if it is ready for bottling.

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