Looking Forward to a Rainy Day

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There are times when I photograph something and immediately work on the image to make it presentable, and there are other images that I, shall we say, set aside for a rainy day. They end up in a pile that I occasionally look through to see if I am ready to address, and sometimes one jumps out and commands me to pay attention.

That is the case with this particular image.

I have friends in places where a couple of feet of snow is no reason not to go to work, as it is part of their expectations this time of year. They certainly look at  Maryland and shake their heads when six inches of snow shuts down, but we are accustomed to wimp winters, where six inches can be the total amount we get in a winter. This winter, like that of four years ago, has been another story.

I believe that that is why this image commanded me to take the ones and zeros and create a Bromoil print. The photograph started its life back in October after my son had given me his old cell phone. I found out that a plan could be obtained where one paid by the month, as opposed to being required to enter a years long commitment, so I joined the rest of the world in that regard. At the time I photographed this I was struggling with figuring out how to control the camera phone with one hand while holding my umbrella with the other. Of the two images of this woman that found their way into the camera, I felt that this one better served my purpose.

So now that pitchers and catchers have reported to camp, I think it is time for the snow to make a quick exit, as I would be more than glad to trade a rainy day for the temperatures in the teens that have been common this winter.


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