Behind The Baysox

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Sunday being Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day, I loaded my holders with film and headed out.  My first stop was the Great Frederick Fairgrounds, which were deserted, and after exposing seven sheets of 4×5 I left for Harry Grove Stadium, where I planned to watch a Frederick Keys game.

My interest in photographing locations often moves me behind the scenes to areas not meant for public consumption.  Behind the wall in center field is the location that gives access to the scoreboard.  Of course, I had little interest in going up the stairs, but the unfolding scene presented a photographic opportunity.

I will mention that there is advantage to arriving at a minor league ballpark 1.5-2 hours before the game.  Around that time the teams are taking batting practice, and although one cannot get into the park to see it, balls are leaving the park nonetheless.  I ended up finding four baseballs despite the fact that two youngsters were in search of the same.  To complete a great day, the Keys won handily, and Manny Machado, in rehab from the Orioles, went four for four, with two singles, two doubles, and a walk.

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