Point Of Rocks Rail Car

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Click for larger image

A while back I had the opportunity to trade one of my Bromoil prints for a pinhole camera that uses 35mm film.  I enjoy trading my prints for other’s prints (one of the few ways I can afford them), but this was the first time I had a chance to trade for a pinhole camera.

I set it aside without a chance to try it out, but I have been trying to decide which cameras to take with me to Ireland so I decided to test it out.  The thing I like about it is that not only does it employ a very wide format, but the film advance uses a winder from an old manual camera.  This means that I am not counting turns of a knob when advancing the film, but am pushing a lever, in this case three times, to properly advance the film.

To test the camera I went to Point of Rocks, MD, a stop along the MARC line that goes to Washington, D.C.  This is a picturesque area where I found it easy to use the full roll of film.  This particular image is of an abandoned rail car sitting to the side of the tracks.  I wonder how many miles it may have traveled in its lifetime.


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  1. It seems almost to be traveling through time. A wonderful use of this format!

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