Potomac Nationals

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This year on my Minor League Baseball trip I saw nine games in six days, one a double-header. The ballparks I selected to see encompassed a group in New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania that I had not visited, and with their addition my ballparks page now holds 63 locations. I now have just about all existing ballparks within about a five or six hour drive of home. There are some onesies here and there that I need to add some day, like the Vermont Lake Monsters and the Portland Sea Dogs, but I’ve got pretty much all of them.

In looking at the geographical locator I happened to notice that there was one nearby that I had missed, the Potomac Nationals. I had been to that ballpark in the early 1990s but that was before I started adding panoramics to my website, so I decided to go to a playoff game there, as the season had ended.

The 45 miles took me three hours, driving through D.C.’s rush hour traffic, and I arrived just in time. The reward for my efforts was a wonderful sky, a great night for a game, and a win by the Potomac Nationals (they won the playoff series and are now playing for the Mills Cup).


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  1. Wow, that sky is fabulous! And I like the way the panoramic format takes it all in.

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