Church, Aran Islands

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Click for larger image

It is not unusual to see buildings on the Aran Islands that are long abandoned, and any walk through Inishmore will take one past this church, though from the other side.  One of my morning walks the fog was still in the process of escaping for the day.  I wandered down a small side road and finally looked back at the church.

Wandering into the past is not all that hard, lift the rope from the gate and walk forward. There may be no direct route to the destination, but with the end point in mind, there will always be a way.


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3 Responses to Church, Aran Islands

  1. Walter says:

    This has been my favorite since I started on your mailing list. Both, for the photo and for what you wrote, “Wandering into the past…”. I have vaguely thought those thoughts, but you said it right… Thanks for the inspiration…

  2. Gorgeous. From one who lives here, I can tell you were off the beaten path for this shot. It is stunning. I may never look at this old Protestant church the same way again. :)

  3. nice photos and website….

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