O’Briens Castle, Aran Islands

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Click for larger image

Inisheer is small. Really small, as in around two by three kilometers (about 1.25 by 1.85 miles) with less than 300 inhabitants (although that is almost twice the population of Inishmaan), all clustered together near the harbor.

The Aran Islands were the key to the control of Galway Bay, so despite their size, they had an element of importance during the Medieval period.

Today O’Briens Castle stands atop a hill with a wonderful view of the bay. Standing there with the wind gently running past me, I had a feeling of serenity that may not have existed in the past. The opening in the stone wall offers entrance to the castle, as opposed to the challenge that may have been the case in the past.

I almost decided to remove much of the foreground and not to place the castle in the middle, but the feeling I had when I photographed the place had more to do with the present than the past.


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  1. Walter says:

    Very nice, thanks…

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