Cottage, Aran Islands

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Dun Aengus is a fort that dates back about three thousand years, and is pretty much a required location for all visitors to Inishmore. I had visited the fort the last time I was on the Aran Islands in 1995 and this time climbed up to it again. Over the past 19 years a number of shops have opened up at the base of the hill (there were none in 1995) and since I wanted to bring a few presents back to my family I looked in one.

I picked up a painted stone and decided to make the purchase. I went to the counter and pulled out the bills in my pocket.  After handing over the bills to pay for the stone I started counting the coins to complete the transaction.  The cashier said, “Oh, just give me the rubbish,” which has become a phrase I now use for many things.

We got to talking and she told me that she was the one who had painted the rock.  The image was that of the house in which she grew up, and where her mother still lives. Describing where the house was located I tracked it down and offer it here.


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