My Task, Part 2

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The first signs of spring are finally showing themselves, although the temperatures in Maryland are still uncharacteristically low. Spring training is in full swing with opening day only a week and a half away, I am seeing crocuses in the back yard and expect the daffodils to start blooming very shortly, and when I drive to work the sun is starting to make its appearance against the windows of the buildings in Baltimore. These are the three signs I look forward to seeing each time around the sun.

This final lumen print encapsulates this rebirth. The subject matter taken from dead flowers that sat in my darkroom is reborn on Panalure paper exposed to the sun for many hours (I set it outside a few hours before sunset, then forgot about it until mid-morning the next day), having had water poured between the sheets of glass holding the composition together from bottom to top. Simple curve and level adjustments convinced the colors to bloom, allowing paper that would otherwise have no use to give me a smile.

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2 Responses to My Task, Part 2

  1. Walter says:

    Awesome, inspiring…

  2. Wow, fabulous color and light in this lumen print!

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