Bromoils for Nepal – Urban Farm Worker

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To say that I have been overwhelmed by the response of my offering a print on eBay with all of the proceeds going to the Red Cross would be an understatement.  I have done this in the past with mediocre (at best) results.  This time I have been knocked over, which means that I have no choice but to offer another print.

I offered Urban Farm Worker on a previous post and am offering it now on eBay to anyone who would like to own a copy.  All of the money bid will help the Red Cross respond to the tragedy in Nepal and I will pay for the shipping, so if you have been thinking of helping those on the other side of the world then this is a way to get something in return as a “Thank You!”.

Update: To anyone wishing to bid on a print, I have decided to offer Encounters in addition to this one.

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