Pitlochry Roofs

Click for larger image

Click for larger image

During our trip to Scotland we needed to find a place between Inverness and Edinburgh to stay so my wife randomly selected Pitlochry. This place had all the charm that one would hope, distilling the surrounding area into a step into a magical place where one would hope to get lost. At a workshop recently one person looked at this finished print and asked where it was located. When I told her that it was photographed in Pitlochry she smiled, having been there, and told me that when she died surely she would go there.

You will need to work with me on this image. My Bromoils are certainly different when viewed on the monitor as opposed to viewing in person. However, this image is so different on the monitor that I debated even bothering to post it, as the difference is incredibly wide. This is because the monitor is physically incapable of properly displaying the particular look of this print.

The reason for this is that this is a black and white image printed on translucent vellum backed by copper. On the monitor the color appears to be somewhat drab, but in person there is a copper shine throughout, so you will need to imagine the image brilliantly reflecting the color. At the workshop I also created a print backed with palladium and one backed with gold leaf, which was a wondrous sparkle, but just looks yellow on the monitor.

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2 Responses to Pitlochry Roofs

  1. Wow George that looks great, the original must be truly amazing

  2. That’s beautiful! What wonderfully creative printing processes, too. I can see some of the glow in this image on the screen – it must be incredible in person!

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