Unfinished Summer

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Click for larger image

When presenting a print to the world it should be complete. There should be no excuses, simply an offering that either lives or dies through no fault of its own. This image requires more work to be complete, yet I have decided to offer it nonetheless.

As August comes and goes, so does summer, the opposite of the season I despise. Perhaps refusing to complete work on this image, which for me evokes a memory of the time of year when I am not cold (unless my wife turns on the air conditioning, which is all of the time), I will be able to prolong that time of year. Of course, we are locked into our four dimensions so the physicality is not something that can be fought, but the mind does allow us an occasional opportunity to do that which we are incapable of doing otherwise.

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1 Response to Unfinished Summer

  1. It sounds as if your summer is indeed unfinished :-) Still, a lovely image just as it is, evoking a peaceful, even lazy, day … Hopefully, something to enjoy when it inevitably gets cold outside.

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