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What do we think about when walking? It could be anything, but it is never nothing.

Walking gives us a chance to communicate with ourselves and ponder with few distractions. Discussions with ourselves help determine our course. Lines guide out way, whether we know it or not.

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4 Responses to Walking

  1. fbaron2 says:

    I was a programmer and even a short walk solved problems that sitting at my desk for hours couldn’t.

    • GLSmyth says:

      Exactly, I was also a programmer and would occasionally get bogged down. I’d take a walk and think of something else, and the answer would sometimes jump into my head.

  2. I’m remembering one 127 Day when I went for a walk in hopes of photographic inspiration – I didn’t find something to photograph, but I got an idea. Rebecca Solnit wrote a book called A Field Guide To Getting Lost, which touches on this quality of walking, if I recall correctly. She also wrote Wanderlust: A History of Walking, which I haven’t read yet.

    Wonderful photo, too – the composition is perfect, and I love those shadows!

  3. GLSmyth says:

    “A Field Guide To Getting Lost” is currently on my Amazon Wish List.

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