Ownin’ It

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Age is not the determining factor when it comes to cool.  Some people carry a presence regardless of the circumstances and this guy impressed me as he quietly commanded the sidewalk.  He seemed to have no use for pretense or nonsense and was in complete charge of the situation.  Then again, perhaps not, but that was the vibe he offered.  But that’s the definition of cool, a presence without having to announce it.

I am in the process of producing prints for my show in the Stone Tower Gallery at Glen Echo Park.  This will be a continuation of The Extras, a project where I explore those who are the extras in the movie of my life.  I have been scrambling because an issue with the fixer concentration I used sent me in an unexpected direction (a technical thing I will write about on my Flickr page later).  Fortunately, I am almost done and am looking forward to getting these within frames and being ready for the 3 October reception.

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2 Responses to Ownin’ It

  1. Kadi says:

    A “cool” topic “The Extras”…

  2. Cool! And congratulations on your exhibition!

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