Little Red Ice Cream Shop

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Half a lifetime ago I lived in Jefferson, Maryland for a short period of time.  It was a very small town with a single grocery store that had little to offer.  On a recent trip to photograph in Brunswick I decided to stop off to see what has become of the place and saw that it had expanded considerably.

Of course, of note was the ice cream shop.  This brought back some memories so I decided to photograph it with my pinhole camera, and print it using the lith process.  It was done this way because of the ethereal effect, but also admittedly because this process can handle some fogged paper I was given (I love it when people give me photographic paper, whether it is still good or not, as I can always find a use for it).

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1 Response to Little Red Ice Cream Shop

  1. Cathy Sheppard says:

    Like the picture. And Jefferson is changing quickly now, after years of dozing in the cultural background. I pass through frequently on my way to visit friends.

    Hope Artomatic produced some good feedback/interest for you.

    C. Sheppard

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